Work Rights Centre is a charity that supports migrants to access employment justice, and improve their social mobility.

Volunteers are the heart of Work Rights Centre. They bring energy to the team, and enable us to provide expert advice in multiple languages, reaching out to vulnerable people across the UK. If you speak another language and share our passion for social justice, we want to hear from you. In return, you'll gain valuable experience shadowing caseworkers and learning about social welfare law.

Service Provision Assistant Volunteer
Work Rights Centre's mission is to help UK and EU nationals exit precarious work, and equip them with the tools to access fair and lawful employment.
Service Provision Assistant Volunteer
This is a great occasion to learn about employment rights, and get hands on experience in service provision.
Translations Assistant
As we are committed to making employment rights accessible to all EU nationals, we rely on the help of multilingual editors to help us translate our guides and disseminate them to the relevant stak