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UCLef essentially aims is to share the beauty of Western-classical music with those who are socially, economically and physically disadvantaged.  They might not have listened to classical pieces before; therefore, this would be a great opportunity for them to encounter the whole new world inspiring their lives.

We are looking for highly skilled Violinist/Violist/Cellist/Pianist who are motivated to be involved in community engagement activities. You can experience a unique time sharing your music with people in need while developing your musical talents and team-working skills. 

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"The experience gave me the confidence and motivation to establish a volunteering organisation in the future dedicated to sharing music"
Kaito Mizukoshi is a first year BSc Management Science student at UCL and a Project Leader of the Student-Led Volunteering project UCLef. Read about the project's work and Kaito's motivations, new skills and experience so far.  
"I believe in the power of classical performance as it has great therapeutic effect"
Kaito and Ya-Hsuan are Project Leaders of the Volunteering-Led Project  UCLef that aims to share the beauty of Western-classical music with those who are socially, economically and physically disadvantaged.
'I felt very proud that we could so clearly realise the essential aim of our organisation - to make people happy through music'
Kaito, the Project Leader of UCLef tells us about his experiences of being a Project Leader, and how he found a community through music and volunteering
"If you cut down the time you spend on Instagram and give that hour to other people, you would see a big difference being made. "
Clementine tells us about her fulfilling experience taking part in two volunteering projects