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The ultimate goal of our volunteering activity is to help in providing a temporary shelter for the homeless. In collaboration with Thames Reach, we will be working in one(or more) of their 3 sites of hotels in London by collaborating with Thames Reach.


The volunteering project started in January 2022. We aim to progress this activity that can meet the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. The activities will consist of planting flowers, paving new lawns, etc. Additionally, we are aiming to get the residents involved. 


The location where the volunteering will take place this fall is the Bagshot site!

It is accessible by one bus ride from UCL's main campus, and it takes around 30 minutes to get there!


The volunteering activity will occur once per week! The exact date has not yet been set. As soon as it is set, we will let you know!

Open Space Redevelopment Project Leader 2024-25
This project works in collaboration with Thames Reach hostels, which take care of residents who are homeless or vulnerable.