We need volunteers who can support help our members (young adults with autism and/or learning disabilities) to have lots of fun and challenge themselves in a host of activities throughout the year!

Kith & Kids' aim is to empower our members and their families to develop new skills, gain greater confidence and overcome social exclusion.

We have an activity to suit the interest and availability of anyone as you can join us on weekends, evenings, weekdays or university holidays.

We're currently looking for volunteers for a few activities:

Summer Social Development Project
25th July to 5th August
Spend your summer holidays having fun with our members on this fabulous project!
Join in for ten days of fun, games, laughter, celebrations...and much much more, all with the aim of developing social skills.

Employment & Life Skills Project
Weekly during term-time on a Monday and/or Friday
Join our project for young adults to develop skills for work, further education and getting on with others.

Weekend Clubs
Fortnightly on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon
Join in active and creative activities with our members!


ELSP Charity Shop Autism Support Volunteer
Join us at our boutique charity shop and support our friendly service users who have autism or a learning disability as they build their work experience and social skills.
Autism Employability Project Volunteer
Our Employability Project10am to 3pm, Monday and/or Friday during term-time
Autism Summer Project Volunteer 2022
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