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Opportunity: Mentor (Hammersmith & Fulham)

The Kids Network are a London based organisation working in boroughs across the city to help support children aged 8-11 through one-to-one mentoring. At a crucial age in a child’s development, mentors help with their social and emotional development during the transitional period between primary and secondary school.

We’re looking to recruit interested UCL students who live in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham to this project.

Mentors help build confidence, resilience and curiosity for ambitious futures through a series of fun and positive activities and experiences, opening up London in accessible and interesting ways.

Currently, 50% of children’s mental health is diagnosed before 14, with more and more children feeling the effects of exam pressure, bullying and social media addiction. Children are stressed, depressed, anxious and angry, and it affects the disadvantaged dis-proportionally.

Modern living can be hard for adults too, more and more young adults are impacted by loneliness. Many however want to give back in a meaningful way. By matching a local young professional with a child in their community we believe we can help connect our disconnected communities.

Weekly, mentors get the chance to see London through a child’s eyes! We’ve heard of mentors having the opportunity to try new things with their mentee’s, such as archery and bouldering, but also seeing the magic in all the free and local opportunities London has to offer.

Outside of this mentors are then able to connect with one another through peer to peer support both online and in regular mentor meetups.