Kickstart is UCL Taekwondo’s very own volunteering project. We aim to share the incredibly positive impact that this sport and our community is having on our members beyond the UCL environment. We are currently partnered with the charity ARCA Generation and the PRU Octagon AP Academy, where we deliver weekly Taekwondo classes to a group of underprivileged children. We aim to have a positive impact on these children’s lives by allowing them to engage in regular physical exercise and benefit from Taekwondo specifically, which teaches respect, self control, self confidence and so much more. Additionally, we aim to improve the children’s integration into their local community and welcome them into ours through Taekwondo-related events and activities. In order to finance the equipment needed at the sessions and grading costs, we organize fundraisers that are supported by the whole society.


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“I wanted to spread the spirit within the club out into the wider community”
Odile Lehnen is a second-year Science and Society student, and the Project Leader for Kickstart, a UCL Taekwondo-affiliated volunteering project. She came into the office to talk to us about why she started the project, the impact they’ve had, and what she got out of it.
"You can't really go wrong with volunteering!"
Beatrix Popa is a second year Electronic and Electrical Engineering student. This year, as part of the UCL Taekwondo Society, she participated in the club’s Student-Led Volunteering Project, Kickstart. Read on to see what it’s like to volunteer regularly as part of a project!