IRMO is a community-led organisation that supports the Latin American community, both Spanish and Portuguese speaking. We provide Latin Americans migrants with tools and information to build fulfilled, independent, and integrated lives in the UK. We do this through a flexible and comprehensive approach addressing needs in a) Education and employment support (ESOL classes, development of skills) and b) Advice (migration, housing, benefits, schooling). IRMO's Volunteer Scheme offers personal support and career development for volunteers interested in education, advice, management, languages, and community support. Our current projects and services include: English language classes for adults, young people, and children; support of ‘underemployed' Latin Americans working in low-paid, low-skilled jobs to access relevant work opportunities; creative and cultural activities for young people and children; advice and practical support for parents regarding access to school; advice on immigration issues, such as obtaining permission to work, bringing relatives and applying for residency; advising on welfare, benefits, and housing.

Children's E-Mentor (10-12 year olds)
We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative and proactive individual with experience teaching children to e-mentor Spanish/Portuguese speaking children between 10-12 years old who have recently mi
Assistant Esol Teacher for Children and Young People
When: Tuesdays 16:15-18:15 & Mondays or Wednesdays 16:15-18:15 
Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF) Project Assistant
We are looking for an enthusiastic Portuguese Speaking Programme Assistant to support the Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF) activities.

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"Even now, I still think that volunteering is one of the best things I've done at UCL."
Emilia Privat tells us about her volunteering with IRMO throughout the unusual academic year of 20/21.