In association with the Volunteering Service, the CAJ Grassroots Human Rights project focuses on educating young people in local state schools about their human rights. Through educating youths from underprivileged backgrounds on human rights issues around the world and at home, the project hopes to raise awareness about human rights and at the same time inspire them to pursue a university education in the future. The issues covered range from broad questions like what is a human right?

During the first term, Grassroots volunteers will work on familiarising themselves with the materials, receiving training, and learning the necessary skills to work with young people. In the second term, volunteers will go to local secondary schools to conduct human rights seminars, using the prepared materials, for students in years 8-9 (ages 12-13). Volunteers will be placed in groups to conduct weekly one hour seminars or fortnightly two hour seminars as part of a curriculum that runs for four to eight weeks (depending on the school) from the end of January/early February through to the end of the second term.

This project is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of human rights, improve their verbal communication and presentation skills, work in a team and use the knowledge and skills developed in training to benefit the local community. Please find the most updated information on the UCL Centre for Access to Justice website.