The Carnaval del Pueblo Association is run by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers, and exists to help create an understanding and increase public awareness of the vibrant cultural Heritage of 19 Latin American countries. We encourage the community to participate in, share and enjoy the Latin American music, dance, gastronomy and language. Year round activity of pop up community activity (such as dance rehearsals, classes, and shows) inspired by this vibrant culture shows these often hidden and marginalised communities in its true inspirational and vibrant light, bringing self-confidence, aspiration and fun to thousands of people. We are currently in the process of refurbishing a local community Hub in East Street and fundraising and organising for various events.

Plaza Latina Events Volunteer
Join us as a volunteer for 3 exciting Latin American events!
Evaluation & impact volunteer (research)
We have been empowering the Latin American community in London for over 20 years. Our mission is to create a great, high-quality Latin American carnival.