Welcome to Article - I. We are a legal literacy initiative aiming to empower refugee/migrant communities in London. 

    Our objectives: 

  1. Create a toolkit in collaboration with legal experts which will:

  • List all rights and protections accorded to refugees by the British Government and any additional protections under International Law. This will be listed in an easily understood language by simplifying legal jargon. 
  • Provide other resources like contact information for affordable/pro bono immigration lawyers/and clinics. Contact information for immigration helplines should preferably be in different languages. 
  1. Host workshops in collaboration with refugee organisations where UCL students will help distribute these toolkits and help beneficiaries understand their rights.

  2. Translate the toolkit into languages most commonly spoken within refugee communities in England. 

    Volunteer Recruitment

          What we are looking for;

  • Native speakers of Pashto, Dari, Farsi and Ukranian.
  • Passionate students who want to make a difference and help empower vulnerable communities.
  • Empathetic and mindful students who respect different cultural backgrounds and understand the requirements for working with potentially vulnerable individuals.