About Action for Conservation

We are an environmental education charity that works with young people across the UK with the aim of empowering the next generation to protect the natural world. Our programmes build knowledge and encourage young people to take action through environmental projects. 

  • We believe all young people should feel moved & empowered to protect the natural world.
  • UK wildlife has suffered significant damage over the past 40 years, with over 50% of species now in decline. Despite this, 52% of people are unaware of the threat to biodiversity in the UK and among the public, the amount of time spent volunteering in conservation dropped by 23% between 2009 and 2014. The RSPB believes that only 21% of children in the UK have an adequate level of connection to nature. As children and young people lose contact with nature, they are less likely to fight to protect it as they grow older.
  • We decided early on that to be a 'conservationist' couldn't just mean following a career as a field biologist or a campaigner. We believe that a passion for conservation can flow through anyone's life, whatever their day-job.
  • We want to inspire today's young people to a long-term belief in the wonder of the natural world, that shapes their dreams and actions however their life turns out.

Our Mission: To bring the magic of nature into young people's lives, inspiring a youth movement committed to conservation and to the earth.

Volunteering with Action for Conservation

Action for Conservation makes volunteering easy and fun! We’ll provide you with all the training and materials needed for you to flourish in this role, with opportunities that are flexible and rewarding. We invest in people; our volunteers are paramount to the running of our programmes and it is the diversity in the stories of our volunteers which enriches the experiences of our young people. Volunteering with AFC could involve: 

  • Facilitating our WildED programme, and supporting school groups with environmental action projects both in person and digitally.
  • Helping us deliver in person events throughout the London and the South East of England, these workshops have included anything from tree planting to film-making. 
  • Joining our residential visits where we help young people connect with nature in the UK's amazing national parks. 

You’ll benefit too! Volunteering with us can:

  • Improve your professional development skills (public speaking, leadership, time management)
  • Connect you with the wider environmental education community
  • Give you opportunities to learn more about conservation
WildED Workshop Leader
Action for Conservation’s (AFC) WildED secondary school programme supports students in delivering local environmental action projects that are relevant to them, increasing connection to nature and