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Opportunity: Volunteer Tutor

Regular volunteering
Commitment - more information: 
We ask you to commit to attending the same school at the same time each week for an hour, over the course of a school term (8-10 weeks). Consistency and continuity is really important for the delivery of the tutoring to enable our pupils to achieve; you must be able to commit to attending every session before signing up to a programme.
Opportunity description: 

We deliver tutoring programmes, in partnership with schools, to support disadvantaged pupils across the country. Education isn’t a level playing field in the UK today, as the income of a child’s parents can directly impact their own academic attainment.

We want to change this through our tutoring support for both primary and secondary pupils - and help pupils achieve regardless of their backgrounds. We recognise how powerful tutoring can be in supporting a child academically and we believe it shouldn’t be accessed only by those who can afford it.

The way we deliver our programmes is by recruiting volunteers as our tutors. Through this activity our volunteers are able to develop a wealth of different skills (interpersonal, organisational, communication), it also provides a link between them and the youngest members of their community - empowering them to give back.

Various primary and secondary schools across London. We will be delivering again in Autumn both online and in-person (if social distancing guidelines allow). You can now apply to be an online tutor with us, even if you are living outside of one of the cities we operate in. You will be able to tutor in any one of these regions, depending on what online programmes we have available. Please make sure you indicate that this is your preference when you apply.
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?: 
With schools returning this term, Action Tutoring will be delivering a mixture of online and face-to-face programmes from October, following social distancing guidelines in relation to COVID-19. To ensure that social distancing can be maintained during sessions and programmes can go ahead safely, we have created some guidelines for our volunteers (which can be found on our website). These describe the measures in place, what to do before, during and after sessions, and when you shouldn't attend your programme. Where partner schools are enforcing their own social distancing measures, we will keep volunteers informed as appropriate. Action Tutoring's policies are subject to change as further guidance is released by the government. If you would like to view Action Tutoring's full Covid policy for schools, programme staff and volunteers, please contact [email protected]

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