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The New Black Film Collective
At The New Black Film Collective (TNBFC) we exist to create and cultivate a vibrant Black ecosystem in the UK film and TV sector by championing Black-led film production, distribution, exhibition and preserving Black filmmaking and television.

Are Black films set up to fail at the box office? The objective of this research is to investigate if there are barriers to the success of Black British films at the UK box office and why that is the case. If this is true then we can provide recommendations and interventions to point out bias or even racial inequity within the film industry. Furthermore, indicate solutions to Black British filmmakers deriving more revenue and being more entrepreneurial to ensure they thrive in their careers - leading to producing films that negate harmful stereotypes but rather reflect complex yet balanced stories of the Black experience.


  • Lit review consisting of key terms, theories and ideas that surround Black film box office success
  • Look at 20-30 studies depending on what is out there
  • Understand if this is an issue for most British filmmakers or if there is better success in other territories e.g. Hollywood
  • Is there something to be learnt from the global performance of Black film?
  • Is there a difference in approach by studio majors versus small independent distributors?
  • Is there a wider societal agenda in perpetuating certain images of Black communities in the publicising of certain films?
  • Results in a write up summary for internal use and may contribute to publications.
  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review focusing on the marketing (also development and production) investment in Black British film compared to non-Black titles.
  • Create a concise summary report that highlights key findings and insights from the literature review.
  • Explore the possibility of deriving academic papers from the literature review, with potential inclusion of student contributions.

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This opportunity is available through to March 2024.
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