TutorMe is a student-led volunteering project supported by Enactus UK. Our project aims to provide academic support that connects UCL students with pupils (A-Levels or equivalent) from London schools and charities on a digital platform. Through online tutoring sessions, we aim to even the education playing field for 'underrepresented' groups such as young carers and students eligible for the…

TutorMe is a Student-Led Project, under Enactus UCL, that connects A-Level (or equivalent) students with qualified UCL tutors through an online platform. We strive to level the playing field for the underprivileged students academically and make academic mentorship accessible to students who cannot otherwise afford it. 

Time commitment

We aim to start tutoring activity at the end of January and it will span all the way to April so the number of commitment hours depends on the number of tutors who sign-up and the demand, but typically you will spend 1-2 hours a week tutoring.
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?
- all tutoring is done via an online platform

This is an opportunity offered by a Student-Led Volunteering Project. It is run by UCL students and supported and supervised by staff in Students' Union UCL Volunteering Service.