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UCL We Are Donors
The aim of this new project is to increase awareness about the blood, tissue and organ donor crisis in the UK, which has been exacerbated by the difficulties posed by COVID-19. We want to promote donation by simplifying the donor process and make it less intimidating, especially for young people & students. We plan to organise a combination of workshops and talks for public school and…

The role of the Treasurer mainly encompasses responsibilities in finance management and outreach initiatives. As the Finance Lead, you will be responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the project, including budgeting.

The second role of Social Media Manager involves promoting any activities and events of the group dedicated to raising awareness about blood and organ donation. You will be responsible for creating and managing content across various social media platforms, and driving the group's online presence to support its goals. You will also play a crucial role in developing and implementing outreach strategies to engage with potential donors, volunteers, and volunteering groups.


**This is a Project Leader position, and you will be working with 4 other Project Leaders.


As the Treasurer for UCL We Are Donors you will be responsible for: 

- handling the funding process with the Student Union (paper work) 

- updating our partner volunteering organisation regarding any funding received from the SU 

- ensuring all Ambassadors are reimbursed for travel costs at the end of term.


As the Social Media Manager for UCL We Are Donors you will be responsible for:

- developing and posting engaging content to group's social media accounts

- ensuring that all content aligns with the group’s mission and effectively communicates the importance of blood and organ donation, as well as promoting upcoming events

- preparing advertisement plans for upcoming events and executing them in collaboration with other co-leads 

- establishing communication and collaboration with other UCL groups for events.

Who will the volunteers be working with?
The lead will mainly be working with the other co-leads.
Induction and training sessions provided by members of the National Committee, and the Induction & Training Officer will guide volunteers through the resource pack.

Time commitment

Commitment is usually flexible and not a regular commitment. You are just responsible for your listed duties and attendance in all project leader meetings and monthly meetings with our partner organisation. Additionally, during events, which occur approximately 2-3 times a year, there may be a slight increase in workload.
Application deadline

This is an opportunity offered by a Student-Led Volunteering Project. It is run by UCL students and supported and supervised by staff in Students' Union UCL Volunteering Service.