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Opportunity: Spectrum Link

Commitment - more information: 
As mentioned, we expect volunteers to make one visit every fortnight whereby you spend around 2 hours with the children. This is dependent on the child and can vary. Additionally, you will be paired with the child for the whole year.
Opportunity description: 

To provide a befriending service for children in the Camden area who have mental and physical disabilities and to provide them with opportunities that they may otherwise not have access to. This also enables parents to have a small amount of respite, so it is for the benefit of the children, parents, and you as volunteers!

At the home of the child, and out and about in Camden/surrounding areas.
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?: 
During COVID, we understand that both parents and volunteers may feel uncomfortable in face to face meeting. Therefore, we have decided that for Term 1, if both parties are happy for face to face contact, then volunteers can go ahead whilst maintaining appropriate safety measures. If either parties are not comfortable, we have implemented some sort of 'digital volunteering' whereby this could include the volunteers just making a phone call or a video call to the children and checking up on them. We will monitor this and change accordingly for Term 2.

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