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The New Black Film Collective
At The New Black Film Collective (TNBFC) we exist to create and cultivate a vibrant Black ecosystem in the UK film and TV sector by championing Black-led film production, distribution, exhibition and preserving Black filmmaking and television.

The Head Way Project is a dynamic initiative addressing inequities in pay and career progression for Black teachers, with a specific focus on achieving economic justice in Newham. 


The project aligns with the Trust for London's Racial Justice Fund and aims to bring about systemic change by advocating for economic equity within the education sector.


Position Overview:

We are seeking a motivated and dedicated PhD or Master's student to join our team as a Volunteer Literature Review Researcher. 


We are interested in applications from enthusiastic and committed PhD or Master’s students with a passion for education and/or social policy. We strongly encourage applications from individuals who identify as Black.


This position offers an exciting opportunity for a Volunteer Literature Review Researcher to delve into a literature review project focused on addressing pay and career inequity for Black teachers in the UK. 


Ideal candidates are those who aspire to enhance their skills in research, literature reviews, and academic writing. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in advancing the Head Way Project's goals on pay and career disparities for Black teachers in the UK. The findings will inform internal strategies, contribute to the Head Way Summit with a presentation, and provide a foundation for advocating systemic change.


  • Identify and analyse existing research on pay and career disparities for Black teachers in the UK.
  • Explore key terms and ideas surrounding the Head Way Project within the literature.
  • Examine the historical context and systemic factors contributing to pay and career disparities for Black teachers.
  • Investigate the impact of pay and career inequity on the recruitment and retention of Black teachers.
  • Assess current initiatives and interventions aimed at addressing pay and career disparities within the education sector.
  • Propose recommendations for future research and policy development based on the findings.
  • Collaborate with the Head Way Project team and stakeholders.
  • Provide regular updates and contribute to internal discussions.
  • Prepare a comprehensive write-up summary for internal use, not for publication.
  • Prepare data and insights for presentation at the Head Way Summit.


Time commitment

The successful candidate is expected to commit to the research project starting immediately and continuing through January 2024. The time commitment is designed to be flexible, allowing for remote work with the TNBFC team. The exact distribution of weekly and monthly hours can be tailored to accommodate the candidate's schedule, academic commitments, and personal preferences.

As the research findings will be presented at an upcoming summit, the candidate is expected to allocate additional time in the lead-up to the event for refining the presentation, and preparing visual materials.

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