Article - I
Welcome to Article - I. We are a legal literacy initiative aiming to empower refugee/migrant communities in London.     Our objectives:  Create a toolkit in collaboration with legal experts which will:

We at Project 'Article - I' are looking for Pashto, Farsi/Dari, and Ukrainian-speaking volunteers (who are native speakers/ or can provide the equivalent language certification) to help us translate a rights and responsibilities toolkit. Language Volunteers will also help us while delivering seminars and workshops by undertaking translation work and helping us convey the contents of the toolkit to those groups who do not speak English. This toolkit is going to be used to help vulnerable refugee communities understand their legal rights and responsibilities. Our project aims to simplify legal jargon to make it more accessible to the public, so we use simple language and words. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are passionate about social impact and want to contribute to making legal literacy accessible to vulnerable groups.

Time commitment

Translators for the toolkit - short term / flexible
Translators as active participants in workshops engaging with refugee communities - regular volunteering (more details to be disclosed later)

This is an opportunity offered by a Student-Led Volunteering Project. It is run by UCL students and supported and supervised by staff in Students' Union UCL Volunteering Service.