Native Scientist
Ethnic minority and migrant pupils face multiple challenges when arriving to a new country and are two times more likely to underachieve in school than their non-migrant peers.Native Scientist is a non-profit organisation that connects migrant pupils with scientists to broaden pupils' horizons and promote scientific literacy and higher education. 

You will be acting as a role-model for pupils who speak English as an additional language. By talking about your studies/work in your mother tongue/heritage language, you'll be promoting the integrated learning of science and language, in an inspiring and interactive environment.

Time commitment

Each workshop lasts 90 minutes. To attend the training and prepare the content for the workshop, it's at least another 120 minutes. It's common that volunteer students/scientists dedicate a minimum of 4-5 hours.
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?
We follow school indications and recommend:
- use of mask
- use of hand desinfectant
- rapid testing 3 days before and on the day of the workshop

This organisation is one of our community partner organisations.

Like all volunteer recruiters we work with, they have signed up to our service standards, agreeing to abide by our policy on partnership working.

In addition, the team here at Students’ Union UCL Volunteering Service is here to support you throughout your volunteering journey – you can get in touch at any time with any questions, queries or problems you encounter.