Bridges for Enterprise
Bridges for Enterprise (, or BfE in short, is a registered UK nonprofit that provides free incubation services in consulting, finance, legal and technical advisory to su

DevOps is vital to any growing codebase shared by multiple collaborators that are delivering products live to the users. At BfE, a UK-based global-facing charity providing pro-bono advisory services for social entrepreneurs, we have an active Technology Division that builds software to connect our stakeholders and automate internal workflows to help BfE better deliver its social impact. At the moment, we are looking to enhance our DevOps capacity, which will help our tech volunteers around the world collaborate more smoothly and deploy software tools more efficiently to our end users. We are seeking to build components that improve upon our preliminary internal development and production workflow for our first large-scale intranet product. Joining as one of the Global DevOps Engineers, some of the tasks you could be expected to get involved in include:

  • Dockerisation of an environment to help provide a standardised local development environment for our global technology team
  • Providing an automated way to generate internal webpages, making use of GitHub Pages
  • Producing CI/CD pipelines to automate deployment to the different environments for our internal tooling & live systems You may also find out more about Technology at BfE here.

Time commitment

5-8 hrs/week (depending on tasks assigned and experience level). Suitable for people with some existing experience in DevOps.
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?
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