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Carnaval del Pueblo (CdP)
The Carnaval del Pueblo Association is run by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers, and exists to help create an understanding and increase public awareness of the vibrant cultural Heritage of 19 Latin American countries. We encourage the community to participate in, share and enjoy the Latin American music, dance, gastronomy and language.

We have been empowering the Latin American community in London for over 20 years. Our mission is to create a great, high-quality Latin American carnival.

In short, we need support with measuring the impact of what we do. This includes our annual Burgess Park event, the London New Year’s Day Parade, and our project in El Salvador to build a music centre. And we need to start from the basics: thinking through the logic of what we do and what we think we are changing or where we think we are making an impact. Then we need to think about how to measure that. Finally, we need to start measuring!

We will be measuring  various impacts of the festival, such as:

  • the environmental impact 
  • it’s impact on mental health and well being on those members of a community disproportionally affected by Covid 
  • the economic impact, both within the park and without on the local economy

It is a great opportunity to survey before, during and after the event and various Latin American categories - public, artists, traders, volunteers, local community attending.

Research volunteering is one way to increase your research experience in the real-world. In addition, it is great to evidence that you have had impact with your research skills, changed something, or benefitted in the community and not only your own research or studies while at university. Many transferrable skills can be gained through volunteering that we simply don’t teach at university – and employers look for this. 

This will have a big impact on the work we do at Carnaval Del Pueblo Association: we are always being asked to evidence the impact of what we do and also we need to fundraise – that is, bring in grants to cover what we do. Anything that you can help us with on evaluation and impact measurement will therefore mean we can go for grants and justify what we do.


The kinds of things that occupies our thinking include

  • The challenges to capturing what these large-scale events mean to people who attend or help organise
  • What we do is multi-media and includes cultural music, arts, and food. We think about how these activities might touch people differently and have a different meaning
  • We wonder about the best outcomes measures like community cohesion, cultural awareness, feelings of belonging, and friendship

This research volunteering role could be any one of these things and we welcome developing the opportunity, for the right student, through dialogue and coproduction.

Time commitment

This opportunity is available July-September 2023, with opportunities to develop further. We anticipate agreeing the time commitment together with the successful volunteer, based on their skills and experience and how the role develops.

This organisation is one of our community partner organisations.

Like all volunteer recruiters we work with, they have signed up to our service standards, agreeing to abide by our policy on partnership working to keep you safe and supported whilst you volunteer.

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