Fulham Good Neighbours
Since 1966 Fulham Good Neighbours has supported older and disabled people in their homes and gardens, community and at our community centre, and now online. In 2019 we received The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and organised MRes or PhD student to work with us to create a map of the information (data) we routinely collect about our service beneficiaries (older and disabled people in Fulham). An Excel database could be built of the data type, reason for collection, collected by whom, when, using what data instrument. Cross-referencing this information (data) to the aims of our services will help us identify data collection gaps.

This is a great opportunity to apply and enhance your research skills!


Time commitment

This role is available from May to August 2022 and we would encourage a commitment of 8 days across 16 weeks. This could be ½ day per week, 1 day/fortnight, or 2 days/month.
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?
Fulham Good Neighbours places the safety of all at the forefront of our decision making, therefore we work in accordance with the guidance from the government and Public Heath England.

This organisation is one of our community partner organisations.

Like all volunteer recruiters we work with, they have signed up to our service standards, agreeing to abide by our policy on partnership working.

In addition, the team here at Students’ Union UCL Volunteering Service is here to support you throughout your volunteering journey – you can get in touch at any time with any questions, queries or problems you encounter.