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UCL Careers provides comprehensive careers information and careers advice, plus a varied programme of recruitment events and employer-led skills sessions for all current UCL students, researchers (staff and students), and recent graduates.

The Careers Guide provides detailed information about core services plus details of specific activities and events taking place each year. You can download a copy of the Careers Guide from the UCL Careers homepage, and hard copies of the guide are available from UCL Careers, based in the fourth floor of the Student Central building.

UCL Careers’ services include one-to-one appointments for CV checking, application advice, and mock interviews. You can find out more about the services available from UCL Careers, whether you know what sort of career you’re looking for, or don’t know where to start, by visiting the UCL Careers website. Students are also encouraged to visit UCL Careers blog to find snippets about a whole range of career-related issues, news from recruiters and links to interesting articles in the media.

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