“One of our modules was taught by two different lecturers, as one of them had a clash with another module. This led to a lack of coherence in the teaching. We raised this issue at the SSCC and made sure that it will not happen again next year.”
 Electronic and Electrical Engineering rep

 “Many students reported to feel confused and to not know where to go as the timetable wasn’t clear (sometimes they had to change classes last minute because other people had taken our room).
I raised this issue in an SSCC meeting so that module leads were aware of this. After a few days improvements took place and all information about lectures and lecture rooms were given days in advance rather than this information being sent the night or day before.”
Medicine rep

"Throughout the year there were multiple instances where there were clashes in timetabled events and lectures. Often different interests would be too close to each other for students to manage, such as deadlines being within a day of each other. This was particularly difficult when the deadlines were preceded by the Middlesborough Trip resulting in very little time for students to complete all given assignments before the deadlines in a way that represented their best work and abilities. We decided it would be best to alert teachers as soon as possible and were able to spread out the deadlines more to allow students time."
Buil Environment rep

"An example of an issue we faced was the rescheduling and relocation of lessons as it did not fit many students schedule. With several emails exchanged with staff this issue was quickly resolved and satisfied both students and staff. "
Chemical Engineering rep

"To further aid students' learning, an assessment tracker was developed which tracked all deadlines the students have for each term."
- Mechanical Engineering rep

"Students were finding timetabled ICU shifts quite stressful and difficult to undertake and preferred the chance to volunteer their time for shifts especially for twilight and night shifts. This was brought forward by myself at a SSCC meeting and was actioned immediately to allow students to come forward and offer their time in a way that meant they were not under pressure and could cover hours that would usually be understaffed."
- Medical School Rep

"I frequently sought feedback from students and efficiently solved problems that they've met. For example, one student told me that the timetable for those in China is too difficult to accept. I quickly reflected this problem to our department lead. Subsequently, they adjusted the timetable for term 2 and Chinese students could adapt to the new timetable."
- Built Environment Rep

"For year 1, understanding how to access and understand the timetable was difficult, especially for CPP as groups may have had different timings for sessions. I gathered feedback from my peers, which involved directly messaging people to get their opinions to try and understand what specially was challenging about the timetables. I condensed all that I heard from the students and have a call with someone from the CPP team where I showed them, with examples, how the CPP timetable appeared to students and what were the points of contention. The result was that I directed students to where they could easily access their CPP timetable, and the staff I spoke to sent out weekly emails where they detailed what activities were in common and which ones were group specific. By the end of the term, there were no longer any issues with students understanding the timetables."
- Medical School Rep

"Considering that our teaching was online this year, at the School of Pharmacy, we had Wednesday tutorials which are sessions that would allow students to speak directly to lecturers regarding any questions. However, two out of three sessions were very short (30 mins) and did not allow all students present to raise their questions. I received many complaints from my colleagues asking me to increase the time allocated for these tutorials to an hour. I raised this issue at the first DSSCC meeting I had with the staff and we were successfully able to increase the time slots allocated for these sessions to one hour."
- School of Pharmacy Rep

"At the start of the year, many students were finding it difficult to find out whether or not clinics would be running and sometimes turned up to find out that they had been cancelled. A few of us brought this up in module meetings and steps were taken to improve this situation. An email was sent by a member of staff detailing how to access clinic lists on Epic so that students were able to check these before travelling to the hospital."
- Medical School Rep