Your questions answered about Sports Night at Scala!

Are non-UCL students allowed?

We’ve now reviewed our entry policies and we’re happy to say that students from other universities and UCL Alumni are now allowed! Please ensure that these guests arrive with: 1. their student ID or Alumni Card and 2. a current UCL student.

At what time will entry to Scala be open?

The doors of Scala will open to UCL students at 11pm. You may start queuing slightly prior to this, however first entry isn't until 11pm.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Unfortunately sports night tickets are non-refundable and there will be no exceptions made to this. They are, however, transferable meaning that you can sell them onto other friends at UCL.

Transferring tickets: Buyers can send the pdf to their friend but we ask for proof that the buyer intended to send the ticket (an email or a text etc). The entire pdf must be visible (i.e. don’t crop out the name) and the name on the pdf has to match the buyer that sent the ticket over.

**Please be aware of scammers and resellers. We will not tolerate Scammers and Resellers, and anyone caught doing so will be banned from the venue and future Union Events.**

Are queue jumps available?

Queue jumps are only available to club committee members and the allocation of the queue jumps has already been completed.

Can someone else use my queue jump?

No! Queue jumps are only for use by the person they have been dedicated to. Scala have been given a list of those with queue jump and will deny entry via queue jump to anyone not stated on that list. You were informed when allocating queue jumps among committee that no changes can be made during the year to the named person, regardless of the change in circumstances. If you believe there has been a mistake please contact the Sports Officers.

Is there somewhere I can put my bags?

Yes! Scala have a cloakroom where you can store your bags/coats/belongings. However, we do suggest you drop off back home any excess bags or equipment before going out, especially with the later entry time.

Have a question that wasn't answered? Email your Sports Officers at [email protected]

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TeamUCL Sports Night @ SCALA - Returners | 18 September
18/09/2024 | 23:00 - 19/09/2024 | 4:00
Tickets on sale now!The biggest night out for sports teams at UCL is back! New Scala drinks deal for term 1: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on all drinks between 23:00 and midnight.