TeamUCL Sports Awards

Every year TeamUCL commends the amazing contributions that our clubs and individuals make both on and off the field. We host a coveted Sports Ball at the end of each year, which is full of celebration and enjoyment. We reward a number of accolades each year (listed below) along with a number of others depending on yearly circumstances.

2017 Sports Ball
Sports Colours

Honorary Life Membership is awarded to an individual who has shown exemplary commitment to volunteering, community work or fundraising, promoted numerous campaigns, represented clubs and societies as an elected officer, or outstanding commitment to their club over multiple years.

Sports Centenary Colours can be awarded for 3/4 years of dedicated service to one or more sports clubs.

Sports Colours can be awarded for 2/3 years of dedicated service to one or more sports clubs.

Sports Commendation can be awarded for 1/2 years of dedicated service to one or more sports clubs.

Mandy Walker Cup for Sports Personality of the Year

The Mandy Walker Cup is awarded annually in recognition of outstanding contribution to UCL sport both on and off the field while representing one or more sports club(s) in a single year. The recipient should be respected and admired by UCL sportsman and woman.

Coach of the Year

This award will be given to a coach who has gone above and beyond to support the development of their club members in their given sport by committing a significant amount of time to support students, supported beginners as well as high level athletes, and created innovative sessions to adapt to the needs of the group.

Club of the Year

Club of the Year award is awarded annually to the club which has made the greatest overall contribution to Student’s Union UCL Sports.

Volunteering Sports Club of the Year

Awarded to the Sports Club which has made the best contribution to volunteering activity over the year based on their impact on wider community, benefits to UCL students and level and range of activity and engagement

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Awarded to a club that has FULLY met the following criteria:

The Club must illustrate a clear and strong commitment to the inclusion of persons within the UCL student community regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, gender identity, sex, sexuality or disability.

The Club must have demonstrated an outstanding effort to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination.

The Club must have strengthened equality and diversity within their membership in the past academic year.

The Club may have demonstrated a challenging of stereotypes for historically marginalised or minority groups, created a new committee position to represent one or more minority or marginalised groups and/or enforced zero-tolerance to discriminating behaviour within their society. Illustrations of commitment to inclusion and strengthening diversity within membership are not limited to these examples.

Louis Carr Memorial Award

The Louis Carr Memorial award will be awarded to the club who have supported their members’ welfare throughout the academic year.