"Our room was very cold and after raising the issue with staff, they put a heater into our classroom."
– Anthropology Rep

"Our cohort was meeting in a seminar room for one of our core course lectures which was much too small for our group. We brought it up at the SSCC meeting and new rooms were found."
– History of Art Rep

"I was successful in being able to have our senior seminar class moved from a room that was more akin to a closet and was instead held in a proper and large seminar room. This was easily accomplished after raising the issue at the SSCC meeting for the philosophy department."
– Philosophy Rep

"A meaningful achievement was regulating the drilling times behind Jeffrey hall. At the beginning of the academic year there was loud drilling behind Jeffrey Hall during class times, and this disrupted the Methodology and statistics morning classes. Us student reps brought this up both during Faculty and SSCC meetings, and together with the staff, we were able to escalate this problem at institutional level, until the drilling times were regulated to be outside of class times."
– Psychology and Human Development Rep

"Our classroom, Centras, is not open during the weekend, as opposed to what is told to the students. There are also occasions when it would be closed due to some events held there, without notifying the students. I was notified of the problem and raised it during one meeting, which was solved efficiently, not only Centras is open again during weekends, but students get notified if the classroom will be closed to them out of an event. Moreover, I also try to help a student solve a technical issue, and try to help raise an issue of the classrooms allocated to a course being too small, by approaching the same method."

"The lecture room for one of my modules was not big enough for the number of students enrolled. After bringing it up in the meeting, a bigger teaching venue was allocated immediately."
– Statistical Science Rep

"I received complaints about the crowded class of PLIN0084 and reported it at SSCC in Term 1. In the meeting of Term 2, I was told that after consideration, the department has decided to split the class from mixing MA and BA students into two separate modules. I hope it will help the delivery of this module become more effective in the next year."
– Linguistics Rep

"During the term, there were several issues with the rooms lectures were organised. I was able to bring up the issues so that we have lecture rooms with desks and lecturecast which everyone was hoping to have. Eventually, students reported that it benefitted them."
– Statistical Science Rep

"We successfully changed the lights and contacted Estates about the noise we experienced during lectures in Logan Hall (IOE). We also managed to get changes with the air conditioning and room temperature, as many of our lectures require us to stay sitting for 3 hours and it gets cold there."
– Psychology and Human Development  Rep