A guide to accommodation for 24/25 academic year
Thinking about where you're going to live for your next year at UCL? Now is a good time to start thinking about your housing for next academic year, but don't fear as there's plenty of time left to find somewhere to live.
Your Guide to Ending your Tenancy Early
Life at university can be a rollercoaster ride, filled with exciting adventures and unexpected twists. But what happens when you need to hit the brakes on your tenancy before the end of the ride? Can you really end your tenancy early? Let's dive into the details with our Advice Service.
Myth busters on renting in London as a UCL student 
Myth Busters on Renting in London as a UCL student Renting as a student can be daunting, as it is often the first time you are living away from home.
How to Find Accommodation in London for International Students
London has always been an attractive destination for international students seeking high education and a vibrant cultural experience. However, finding accommodation in this bustling city can be quite challenging, especially due to the fiercely competitive rental market.
A guide to accommodation for 23/24 academic year
As we approach the new academic year, you may have been viewing properties in the private sector or looking at other options for accommodation. University of London Housing Services is a great place to start looking.
10 Ways to Master Life In Halls
Written by Victoria Skala, studying Human Sciences BSc
Tips for moving into a student house
Renting private accommodation will be a new experience for many students, and moving in to your own place can feel a bit daunting.  We have therefore put together some tips for any first time renters to help you prepare for life in your new home.