"We created feedback forms with multiple choice questions which would be quicker to complete. Using these multiple-choice questions, we were able to identify problems within the course. We then created another feedback form for students to expand on the issues they identified with the course from the previous feedback form. We also talked about the problems on the 2nd year whatsapp group chat and asked students that they could personally message us to talk about it. For some students this was more convenient to do than fill in the feedback forms."
- A Chemistry Rep

"In the medical school we had the problem of students not being able to see the outcomes of their feedback. This amplified the issue of students not providing feedback as they thought it was not being acted on. This is not only because we have such large year groups (350+) and such a big course (6 years) but also difficulty in communicating individual improvements on feedback. To solve this issue me and staff in the medical school worked to introduce the online feedback platform, Unitu. We worked hard over the summer leading up this year to format the system and set up an efficient structure. This has vastly increased student interaction with staff. Students are able to submit comments directly to the board, where staff are able to see it, reply and action it; all while students can follow the progression. We currently have over 80% activation of student accounts across the whole medical course and the highest interaction level of any course/university on Unitu. This system is supported by a dedicated team of academic representatives and medical school staff, it truly is a joint collaboration."
- A Medical School Rep

"I worked with the Head of Teaching to make progress on student feedback mechanisms, which will be increasingly crucial with the switch to more distanced learning. Last year’s plan identified primarily the need to improve communication on how students’ feedback is acted on; in response, staff have made extensive efforts to showcase their actions. The department has recently launched the Anthropology Student Hub, with a ‘You Said, We Did’ page to showcase the actions taken in response to student feedback, as well as tutors’ responses to Opinio surveys after students suggested a more open forum for seeing feedback."
- An Anthropology Rep

"Developed a platform for classmates to submit their thoughts, feedback, and queries, which I then follow up with relevant SSEES staff. Issues include urgent wellbeing issues, timetabling or technical issues."
- SSEES rep

"I helped to create and promote a Student Experience survey to send out to people in my year (...) I then worked with fellow reps to collate and present the findings (and recommendations) effectively to faculty staff in a meeting. This was particularly successful as our points were well-argued, structured, and backed up with evidence. As a result, staff were very receptive, and it has provided an impetus to discuss timetable restructuring, taking into account student wellbeing."
- Medical School Rep