The annual Education Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of staff and students and their contributions to our learning community through the following awards:

The award winners will be announced at our Education Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 8 June.

The Student Choice Awards give students the chance to thank members of staff who have inspired and supported them during their time at UCL, letting these staff members know that their hard work makes a difference.

There are 9 different award categories, covering a variety of areas and enabling a wide range of both teaching and non-teaching staff to be nominated.

This year we received 933 nominations covering over 500 individual members of staff. You can view the full list of nominations at our roll of honour page.

From these nominations, our panel of Sabbatical Officers and Faculty Reps have chosen 3 staff members to be shortlisted for each category, with a winner selected from this shortlist of 3. 

The 27 inspirational staff members who have been shortlisted are:

Active Student Partnership

  • Arash Nassirpour, Engineering Sciences
  • Kate Shobbrook, Brain Sciences
  • Keri Ka-Yee Wong, Institute of Education

Amazing Support Staff

  • Alina Kim, Engineering Sciences
  • Kate Moore, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Stefanie Anyadi, Brain Sciences

Brilliant Research-based Education

  • Alec Sanderson, Engineering Sciences
  • Nauro Ferreira Campos, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Wayne Holmes, Institute of Education

Diverse & Inclusive Education

  • Haydn Kirnon, Arts & Humanities
  • Robert Simpson and Kim Leontiev, Arts & Humanities
  • Sarah-Louise Quinnell, Engineering Sciences

Excellent Personal Tutoring

  • Abbie Bray, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Ahmed Saadé, Social & Historical Sciences
  • David Scanlon, Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Exceptional Feedback

  • Alvina Lai, Population Health Sciences
  • JD Carpentieri, Institute of Education
  • Jorge Díaz-Cintas, Arts & Humanities

Inspiring Teaching Delivery

  • Ahmed Saadé, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Antonio d’Alfonso del Sordo, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Charmian Dawson, Life Sciences

Outstanding Research Supervision

  • Mehran Moazen, Engineering Sciences
  • Vijay Chudasama, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Zhifu Mi, Built Environment

Sustainable Education

  • Alison Macdonald and Dalia Iskander, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Deanne Attreed, Medical Sciences

Exceptional individuals and teams receive the Provost's Education Award. 

These recognise staff making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students.

The inspirational individuals and teams who have been shortlisted are:


  • Sean Hanna, The Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Michelle Tinsley, UCL School of Management, Engineering Sciences
  • Seán Kavanagh, Chemistry Department, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Vitor De Sousa Teixeira, Division of Medicine, Medical Sciences
  • Petros Syrris, Institute of Cardiovascular Science (ICS), Population Health Sciences
  • Kalina Zhekova, Political Science, Social and Historical Sciences
  • Keri Ka-Yee Wong, Psychology & Human Development, Institute of Education


Christian Emery, Aglaya Snetkov, Michael Wozniak, Robert Bodden Alex Allsopp and Alison Davies

UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies, Arts & Humanities (UCL Student Support and Wellbeing, based in SSEES)


  • Corisande Fenwick, Institute of Archaeology, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Nader Francis, Surgery and Interventional Science , Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Giamarelos, The Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Ozgur Yazaydin, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Sciences


Alison Sturrock, Taylor Bennie, Charlotte Hammerton, Carys Phillips, Clare Wadlow, Gil Myers, Sebastian Casalotti, Elizabeth Vacher and Victoria Clausen-Thue

UCL Medical School, Medical Sciences


  • Prof Stephen Gage, The Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Nidhi Rathod, Division of Biosciences (formerly), Life Sciences
  • Punam Yadav, IRDR, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Sarah Bennett, UCL Medical School, Medical Sciences
  • Paul Winyard, GOS Institute of Child Health, Population Health Sciences
  • Dr. Alejandro Bolaños-García-Escribano, School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS-CMII), Arts and Humanities
  • Dr. David Sim, History, Social and Historical Sciences
  • Dr. Helen Matthews, Student and Registry Services
  • Gill Brackenbury, Psychology of Human Development, Institute of Education
  • Lucie Charles, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain Sciences 


Luke Olsen, Oliver Wilton, Bob Sheil, Klaas de Rycke, Graeme Williamson, Michael Stacey, Del Hossain, Dan Carter, Ruth Evinson, Sam Stamp, Tim Dwyer, Dejan Mumovic, Virginia Gori, Valentina Marincioni, Professor Ben Croxford, Dr Esfand Burman (BSEER/IEDE), Dr Farhang Tahmasebi (BSEER/IEDE), Dr Yair Schwartz (BSEER/IEDE), Dr Yi Zhang (BSEER/IEDE), Dr Gordon Lowry (BSEER/IEDE), Dr Ivan Korolija (BSEER/IEDE), Professor Peter Raynham (BSEER/IEDE), Professor Jian Kang (BSEER/IEDE), Dr Liora Malki Epshtein (CEGE), Professor Dina D’Ayala (CEGE), Professor Jose Torero (CEGE), Dr Fabio Freddi (CEGE), Dr Santosh Bhattarai (CEGE), Dr Laura Hannigan (CEGE), Dr Yasemin Didem-Aktas (CEGE), Dr Anderson Inge (CEGE), Dr Matthew Heywood (CEGE), Professor Marek Ziebart (CEGE), Professor Matthew Coop (CEGE), Dr Pedro Ferreira (CEGE) and Dr Pippa Cowles (CEGE).  
Bartlett School of Architecture & Engineering, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER) & Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering  
Dr Stephen Hilton, Dr Zoe Waller, Dr Gary Parkinson, Mr Cory Beckwith, Dr Benjamin Bowles, Miss Mireia Benito, Miss Sophie Schafhauser, Mr Jean Charles Sarraf, Miss Tamara Fajinmi, Mr Nazrul Bin Abdullah
UCL School of Pharmacy, Life Sciences  
Professor Eleanor Main, Sally Davenport, Dr Louise, Dr Harriet Shannon, Dr Jane Simmonds, Patricia John, Adine Adonis, Danny Armitage, Catherine Barrett, Annette Coomer, Helen Douglas, Jennifer McCahill, Leyla Osman, Charlotte Pereira, Sarah Rand, Melissa Walk-ley and Naomi Winfield
GOS Institute of Child Health, Population Health Sciences  
Dr Robert Stephens; Professor David Walker
Department of Targeted Intervention Div of Surgery & Interventional Science, Medical Sciences  
Stefanie Anyadi, Aoife Lawrence, Giulia li Calzi, Andrea Santi, Zsofia Varga and Jamie White
Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, Department of Linguistics, Brain Sciences  
Toryn Poolman and Renee Vancraenenbroeck
Division of Biosciences (Research Department of Structural and Molecular Biology), Life Sciences
Liz Munday, Tamara Alhilfi, J.L. Kiappes, Martyn Towner, Claire Gacki, Crosby Medley, Alan Philcox, Dave Webb, Luka Nunar, Helena Wong, Katherine Holt, Gopinathan Sankar, Yang Xu
Department of Chemistry, Mathematical & Physical Sciences  


  • Dr. Heather Bailey, Institute for Global Health, Population Health Sciences
  • Tim Beasley-Murray, UCL Arts and Sciences, Arts and Humanities
  • Dr. Cathy Elliott, Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Amy Lourenco, UCL East
  • Dr. Zachary Walker, Department of Psychology and Human Development, Institute of Education
  • Dr. Vincent Van Eylen, Department of Space & Climate Physics, Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences


Dr Silvia Dal Bianco & Prof. Marcos Vera Hernandez
Economics, Social & History Sciences  
Rima Chakrabarti, Kavita Jaidev, John Hines, Tor Wright, Maylani Appasamy
UCL Medical School, Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit (QAEU), Medical Sciences  


  • Iga Świercz, The Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Dan Ristea, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences
  • Lotte Hargrave, Political science, Social and Historical Sciences
  • Sadé Bates, Genetics, Evolution and Environment, Life Sciences


Bin Guo and Shira Salomon Lider

Learning and Leadership, Institute of Education


  • Beth Barnett-Sanders, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Chow Yin LAI, Engineering Sciences
  • Kathryn Ball, Life Sciences
  • Sam Hopkins, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Rima Chakrabarti, Medical Sciences
  • Joanna Pajerska, Population Health Sciences
  • Caterina Pellò, Arts and Humanities
  • Marc Esteve, Social and Historical Sciences
  • Liz (Elisabeth) Herbert, Institute of Education


Ms Rashmi Mathew; Ms Christin Henein, Dr Fong Yee Liu & Dr Elsa Lee
Institute of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Brain Sciences  
Rupa Lakhani, Tina Nyazika, Sarah Bennett, Eloise Evans, Kiran Mehta & Charlotte Casteleyn
UCL Medical School, Medical Sciences  


Paolo Taticchi, School of Management, Engineering Sciences


Prof. Marcos Cruz, Associate Prof. Brenda Parker

Bio-Integrated Design MArch/Msc Programme Directors, Bartlett (Built Environment)

The Education Awards panel will consider these faculty nominations as a UCL nominee for National Teaching Fellow Scheme (NTFS):

  • Prof. John Mitchell, PFHEA, Engineering Sciences
  • Dr. Antigone Gkaravella, Population Health Sciences
  • Paolo Taticchi, Engineering Sciences