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This page contains a list signposts to places for therapy and counselling, books, articles, podcasts and other resources to support the wellbeing of people going through racial trauma.

Therapy and counselling are only one method of supporting your mental wellbeing - if this is the support you choose, please ask and conduct research into the type of therapy or counselling you think would benefit you.


If you have a mental health condition, you may be able to access Disabled Students Allowance, that can help you access one-to-one support and help cover disability-related costs.

If you are struggling to complete your studies, you may be able to apply for Extenuating Circumstances - please speak to your department or the Union advice service to help you through the process.

UCL Specific

External places for therapeutic support:

External Resources:


  • All About Love  bell hooks
  • Healing racial trauma: the road to resilience – Shelia Wise Rowe
  • The Racial Healing Handbook: Practical activities to help you challenge privilege, confront systemic racism and engage in collective healing – Anneliese A. Singh
  • My Grandmothers Hands: Racialised Trauma and the pathway to mending our hearts and bodies – Resmaa Menakem
  • Inner work of racial justice: Healing ourselves and transforming out communities through mindfulness – Rhonda V. Magee
  • Today I Affirm: A Journal that nurtures self care – Alexandra Elle
  • Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower  Brittney Cooper






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