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"I had members of my cohort approach me about being uncomfortable using their printer credits for handouts for mandatory presentations. I brought this to the head of the course, and we immediately fixed the issue by allowing students to go to the office in the department building to have their handouts printed for free."
- Philosophy Rep

"My peers raised issues about the broken radiators and printer in the planning studio. I delivered the issue to the department at the Year 1 meeting. They were fixed soon afterwards."
- Built Environment Rep

"To be able to inform my peers about their rights as PhD students, I had to learn them first. When I Was doing that, I realised that PhD students have right to print for free, which we were not informed about. I brought this issue to the PhD admin, and she made further research about it to confirm. Later, we announced that PhD students can use this right by emailing the relevant departments."
- Built Environment Rep