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Welfare & International Officer

What students need to know (this meeting notes):

1. Smoking has been known to have harmful effects on smokers themselves, but also people around them in the form of second-hand smoking.

2. Many universities in London, such as King’s College, impose a smoke-free campus.

3. Last year, students complained to the provost about smoking on the UCL campus.

4. Ever since, UCL staff, specifically professor Graham Hart, have been working on a proposal for a ban on the UCL campus. They are hoping to implement this in the future.

5. The plan consists of a ban on smoking (and possibly vaping) within a 20 meter radius of the UCL campus/buildings. A collaboration with the Camden Smoking Cessation group will be undertaken to provide necessary support for students who wish to quit.

What Union Council thinks about it (this meeting believes):

1. The Union Council exists to represent student’s interests and needs. Democracy, particularly, should be held in high regard.

2. The current opinion of the student body on the smoking ban is unknown. Therefore, Union Council cannot make an informed decision on this widely felt issue.

3. In order to make a decision on whether or not to support the plan, as proposed by UCL staff, a referendum should be held.

What we should do (this meeting resolves):

  1. To call an all-student referendum which can be held together with the Leadership Elections this term on the following question: “Do you support a plan to prohibit smoking within 20 meters from all UCL premises in order to decrease exposure to second-hand smoke?”

a) Yes

b) No