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Welfare & International Officer

What students need to know (this meeting notes):

  1. The Uyghur people continue to face a systematic and institutionalised oppression by the Chinese Government and Mr. Xi Jinping, in a way that contravenes the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  2. The Chinese government is solely responsible for these actions and is continuing to do so in a way that violates International Humanitarian Law.
  1. As well as this there has been international coverup of the situation in Xinjiang – with a significantly lower media coverage compared to other similar abuses across the world.
  2. Over a million Uyghur people have been detained in “re-education programmes”
  3. Restriction on Islamic religion of the Uyghur people – bans on Islamic names for children; “abnormal beards”’ facial coverings; teachers, students and government workers fasting during the religious month of Ramadan; restrictions on the number of mosques and religious establishments in the area; restrictions on the use of Islamic greetings in public
  4. There has been state surveillance of the Uyghur – using forcibly installed spyware (Jing Wang) on the government approved WeChat communication service, GPS chips attached to vehicles in the region, the use of QR codes to collect biometric data on individuals, and the use of regular stop and searches to instil fear
  5. Execution of detained Uyghur prisoners for organ donation – prisoner organs make up 90% of transplant organs in China. China is thought to have between 60,000 to 100,000 transplants per year and is suspected of violating the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) “Guiding principles on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation” – in particular, principles 1, 10 and 11 on consent, traceability of organ donation and transparency in organ donation.
  6. Forced abortions of Uyghur women and government pressure on inter-ethnic marriages between the Uyghur minority and Han majority
  1. China has banned the media from the autonomous region – restricting the information coming out of the region, allowing the government narrative to be the only one that is depicted. As well as this, it has prevented the United Nations Human Rights Council from carrying out a visit to the region.
  2. In March of 2018, China proposed the “Promoting the International Human Rights Cause through Win-Win Cooperation” resolution which has reduced the procedures that were in place to hold a country accountable for human rights abuses instead suggesting “dialogue”
  3. US senators Marco Rubio, Menendez have introduced Uyghur Human Rights Act in US government in response to the gross violations of the rights of the Uyghur people

What Union Council thinks about it (this meeting believes):

1.             The Chinese programme of mass “re-education” is a way to gut away at the ethnic identity of the Uyghur people of China and promote an ethnic state of the Han people

2.             As students, we have a moral responsibility to push for the Uyghur people to receive their   entitled human rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

3.             SUUCL and its global position as a leading university, demands it to make a stand in order to end the cycle of violence and intimidation happening to the Uyghur people.

What we should do (this meeting resolves):

1.             To publicly condemn the actions of the Chinese government in Xinjiang

2.             In order to have any value in passing this motion, SUUCL should email and inform all SUUCL members about the motion and place it on the union website

3.             Raise awareness and inform SUUCL students about the situation occurring in Xinjiang, China

i)             As part of this create a student group running awareness events on the human rights violations of the Uyghur people

4.            To mobilise an investigation into any potential academic, corporate and economic links between the university and companies and/or institutions that participate or are complicit in the international human rights violations of the Uyghur people.

This Union mandates:

  1. To mandate the elected sabbatical officers to write to SUUCL’s local member of Parliament, Sir Keir Starmer, calling on him to support the Uyghur people and fight for the issue in government.
  2. To mandate the elected sabbatical officers to write to the UK’s foreign secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt, the UK foreign ministry and the permanent representative of the UK to the UN, Dame Karen Pierce, demanding an official government position on the Uyghur people and the Chinese governments involvement in the human rights abuses, as well as pushing for the situation to be an official scheduled agenda of the 40th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights council between the 25th February 2019 to the 22nd March 2019.
  3. To mandate our NUS delegates to raise the issue at NUS assemblies and vote for an official NUS position on the situation.
  4. To mandate the organisation of an event regarding the situation in the upcoming Islamophobia Awareness Month.