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What students need to know (this meeting notes):

1. Union Council notes that UCL does not currently have its own ‘Transgender Inclusion in Sport Policy’. Previously the BUCS policy has been used for guidance.
2. Union Council notes that there is no transgender inclusion element to the training that sport Presidents and Welfare Officers receive.
3. Union Council notes that transgender and non-binary individuals face widespread discrimination and exclusion in the world of sports.

What Union Council thinks about it (this meeting believes):

1. Union Council believes that Transgender students should have equal opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity at university.
2. Union Council believes that the principle of equality in sport goes further than complying with legislation. It entails taking positive steps to counteract the barriers that restrict the opportunity for students to participate equally in sport.
3. Union Council believes that participation in sport has a positive impact on the mental health of students and so it is also important on a health basis to make sports clubs inclusive
to all students.
4. There is a lack of awareness and training for students running sports clubs at UCL about the barriers preventing transgender students from participating, and how clubs can change their behaviours.


What we should do (this meeting resolves):

1. Union Council resolves that these guidelines should be adopted across all union sports clubs.

2. Union Council resolves that the policy should be accompanied by a new element in the training that clubs receive at the start of the academic year.

3. Union Council resolves that the union will support the clubs in implementing these guidelines and continue to strive for the most inclusive experience possible for transgender students.