We are always keen to hear suggestions about what we should cover in the future. If you have an idea for something you would like to discuss at a future event please contact John Braime.

Below is a list of topics that have been covered at previous Creating Connections events:

Access to green spaces


Building and public space design

Co-production and public services

Communities and public policy

Community assets

Community festivals

Creative approaches to teaching and learning

Creative technologies

Creativity and the use of public space

Crime reduction

Crowdsourcing ideas and solutions to social challenges

Cultural value and community engagement

Data collection, sharing and use


Education and the STEM subjects

Entrepreneurship and young people

Environmental sustainability, building and engineering

Evaluation and impact

Food and nutrition

Gender equality

Health and well being

How big infrastructure projects affect local communities

Improving mental health services

Interaction between formal and informal education

Intercultural interactions

Legal advice, debt advice, and form filling services

Measuring impact

Mental health and different cultures


Service delivery and public policy

Sharing research and information

Social media for social good

Social mobility

Sustainable cities

Tackling social isolation

Technology and urban space

The Arts and social change

The digital divide

The green economy

Transport, planning and communities

Understanding our own organisations

Wellbeing and mental health: working together

The Knowledge Quarter

Digital Health

Behaviour Change

Community research, academic research


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