They say hard work is its own reward. But actual awards are pretty cool too.

Once a year, we celebrate the hard work and progress of clubs, societies and individuals who have made a positive impact on students' lives. Submit your nominations via the forms below (nominations will open in term two). 

Interested in how the awarding process works?

  • Colours and Awards forms and criteria are made available to all Student’s Union UCL Clubs and Societies members on the website.
  • Colours Panel members are recruited from an Activities Network meeting that will be called especially for this purpose at the first academic term. A minimum of 7 Panel members should be appointed each year including the Sports Officer, the Societies Officer, the Arts Officer for the individual Panels and the Activities & Events Officer for all of them.
  • There can only be one representative of a Club or Society appointed at the Colours Panel with the exception of the Sports/Societies/Arts Officer and Activities & Events Officer.
  • Clubs and Societies presidents are notified when nominations open and are requested and reminded to share the nomination form with all their members.
  • Nominations close.
  • Colours Panel members meet and spend an allocated time deciding on what criteria nominations meet. Decisions regarding who should be awarded what are made via voting. If there is a tie in votes, the Activities & Events Officer has the casting vote. Panel members do not see the final outcomes of their voting.
  • Awards and Colours are announced on the website and with posters in the Clubs and Societies Centre (CSC) within a week of the Panel’s meeting.
  • Awards and Colours are presented at individual events (i.e. Sports Ball, Arts Ball, and Societies Reception).

How is bias kept to a minimum in the awarding process?

Panel members must follow these rules to reduce any chance of bias:

  • The Panel’s decisions on awarding colours and awards are based solely on the evidence provided on the submitted nomination forms. Panel members are not allowed to contribute additional information to a nomination even if they know of achievements or facts extra to that submitted that would help the club/society or an individual fulfil an award’s criteria. This prevents certain clubs/societies and individuals gaining an advantage because they know or are associated with someone on the panel.
  • It is the responsibility of those submitting nominations to include all relevant evidence on each nomination. The Roll of Honour from the previous year will be made available to the club/society members at the same time with the nomination forms so that members are not nominated for awards they have already received.
  • When awarding, panel members cannot vote for their own clubs or societies or themselves. Inevitably panel members will most likely be associated with at least one club or society. However the club(s)/society(-ies) a panel member is/are associated with will be noted at the start of the panel meeting. If a discussion must take place regarding a nomination for a panel member or a club/society they are a member of, they must leave the room.
  • If the number of voting panel members is reduced to 3 or less because other panel members have left early, were unable to come, or cannot vote because the nomination is for themselves or a club/society they are a member of, the decision of the panel must be rescheduled for a time when more panel members can be present or the decision can be referred to the Activities Network Executive.
  • For club/society awards, panel members are not allowed to draw information from different nominations for different awards for the same club/society. They must consider nominations on an award by award basis and not allow nominations for other awards affect their vote.
  • When recruiting the panel it is recommended to have no more than one panel member from the same club/society. This reduces chance of bias. It also reduces the chance that the panel will be reduced to three or less in the instance that two or more panel members are associated with the same club/society and that club/society is nominated for an award (see rule 4).