What is the National Union of Students?

This is an association of more than 600 Students' Unions across the UK. Through these students' unions, the NUS represents the interests and views of over 7 million students. They are responsible for promoting, defending, and extending the rights of students, as well as championing strong students' unions.

What does the NUS do?

A few of the things the NUS do include:

  • Campaigns: NUS run campaigns on various subjects that are relevant and in the interests of students e.g. they recently ran a campaign on ‘Confronting lad-culture in Higher Education’. They are also effective in lobbying parliament to support the rights and welfare of students. Click here to find out more about national campaigns form NUS.
  • Resources: NUS provide resources for students’ unions, such as tools to help students to run effective campaigns and learning resources. They also conduct research on assorted topics which are relevant to students, and share these findings with Students’ Unions. Click here to find NUS resources.
  • Support for officers: NUS provide support for officers in time of need e.g. if an officer was facing disciplinary action.
  • International links: NUS have links with NUS Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as being recognised as an umbrella body for students across the world.