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Download the form here.

When do I use this form?
The Sales Invoice Request form should be used when you want the finance department to raise an invoice with a company on behalf of your club or society. For example, invoices should be raised to claim agreed sponsorship money or to sell advertising space in publications. You must have a signed sponsorship contract or proof of agreement in place before submitting a Sales Invoice Request. 

Who do I return it to?
Email your completed form to

What is the deadline for this form?
You should aim to complete and return this form at least 1 week before you want the final invoice to be sent to the company.

What happens after I have emailed it in?
You will receive a confirmation email that will acknowledge that your form has been received. If any further details are required from you, a member of the finance department will get in touch. The finance department will contact you to confirm when your invoice has been sent.

Who can I contact if I need more help?
Email all enquiries to