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Welcome - maybe it’s your first time on this page, maybe you’re a regular, but either way you are welcome!

Postgrad life at UCL

Find out what’s available for postgrads to get involved with and how other postgrad students have made the most of their time here in our Postgraduate Handbook

Our events

The Union takes time to create a range of events that work for postgrads; from social events to opportunities to discuss your research with like minded peers. 

Take a look at what we’ve got planned


One of the core functions of a Union is to speak up for its students and the PGA is instrumental in making sure your voice as a masters or PhD student is heard. 

Take a look some of the issues we are currently campaigning on

The Postgraduate Students’ Officer

Considering that you make up around 50% of the students here at UCL, we think making sure you’re properly represented is a full time job. Queue, Mark, your Postgraduate Students’ Officer. Until recently, he was working on his PhD in Russian Studies, but he’s taken some time out from his research to work for you.

Find out more about Mark.

Be a part of our team

We need students to run the Union. We have a network of Academic Reps in each department making sure that Masters and Research Students are getting the experience they deserve. 

Keep in touch with us

Lots of postgrads talk about feeling a bit isolated and needing a break from their research. Follow us on social media to keep connected to the wider postgrad community at UCL.

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Things you might find useful

Here are some links to services and resources other postgrads have found useful in the past.