"Restricted post-graduate student access to the Medical School hub at the Royal Free (LG) is an ongoing issue. This was sent to a Faculty level which carried out a review of all teaching space at the Royal Free. A decision was made to give students access to the Jerry Kirk seminar room which now has key code access so they can use outside of teaching hours. New laptop benches are also to be installed in the Jerry Kirk seminar room for this purpose."
– Surgery and Interventional Science Rep

"Lobbied for successful extension of library scan and send services to additional libraries"
- Hebrew and Jewish studies Rep

"The Here East facility has recently been re-opened with limited capacity. There were equal bookable slots for students for all the programs there. However, there appeared a larger need for Bio-Id students as were are a two-year program while the others are 1 year. This was communicated to me by fellow students and I discussed this with our directors/tutors and we set up a common communication line with the Building manager. I had an in-person meeting later and the number of student slots was increased proportionately."
- Architecture Rep