The Kids Network is a community of children and volunteers connecting through fun, friendship and hardship for positive social change. We support children at a crucial time in their development - in the lead up to and often during the transition from primary into secondary school. We do this by providing them with a volunteer mentor, a local hero from the community.

The Kids Network focuses on the individual needs of the child, building confidence and resilience and developing the tools for a positive future. Mentors are trained to deliver child-led sessions, which help them overcome the challenges and complexities of their young lives.

Our programme has a proven impact with 93% of children reporting an increase in their wellbeing.

Now is the time to dream big, to step up and take action to support our little Londoners.


Become a Volunteer Children's Mentor and change a Little Londoner's life!
The Kids Network are a London based organisation working in boroughs across the city to help support children aged 8-11 through one-to-one mentoring.