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Sister System
Sister System’s mission is to bridge the gap between care-affected girls and mainstream society, by working alongside them to ensure they have the same opportunities everyone else has - at home, school, work and within our communities.
Project overview for completed projects
a project poster detailing the abstract of the project

Course Title:  MSc Social Policy and Social Research

Dissertation Title:  Estimating the impact of Sister System’s initiatives on care-affected girls: A synthetic control analysis in Haringey, with implications for expansion to other London boroughs

Community Partner:  Sister System

Academic Supervisor:  Lorraine Dearden

Research Abstract: The aim of this project is to provide valuable insights into the characteristics and educational outcomes of care-affected girls across all London Boroughs, with a particular focus on the impact of Sister System's early intervention programs in Haringey. Sister System aims to bridge the gap between care-affected girls and mainstream society by offering early intervention programs to young women aged 13-24. However, with the saturation of referrals to their services in Haringey, the organization plans to expand into other London boroughs as part of their 3-year strategy. Through this research, Sister System aims to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and program development to maximize their impact in areas with the highest needs. The study also aims to provide an early evaluation of the effectiveness of their programs in Haringey. The research outcomes will facilitate a targeted approach in providing essential services to care-affected girls in various London Boroughs, identifying high-need elements and supporting provisions and partners to address the needs of vulnerable girls and young women in care. The findings of this research will serve as a valuable resource for Sister System, enhancing their capacity to support and empower care-affected girls throughout London.

Idea for research
Idea for research
Sister System is dedicated to bridging the gap between care-affected girls and mainstream society. Care-affected means experience of the care system in the UK. The care system is for children who need extra support and need to be away from their families for an extended period of time. The council or local authority (the state or government) has made a decision that it is safer for the child to not live with their parent(s) for a while and this can mean fostering with other adults or living in a children's home, where care staff look after groups of children.

Projects we'd like to develop with a student and their supervisor are around data collation for our rapidly evolving charity which is currently scaling up. We would need data collection in the below areas::
-Care affected numbers
-Child sexual exploitation numbers
-Current area provisions which may cater to the needs of girls who have lived in care

This idea probably covers more than one dissertation possibility so please think about which focus you would like to take.
Impact of idea
Collecting and understanding data that we have suggested here fits with our priorities in Haringey (North London) . Impact of the multiple projects which could come from our ideas so far include
* Contribute towards data supporting organisations position to support positive mental health
* Spearhead the ability to identify figures relating to violence against women and girls (VAWG) with the aim that the service provision reduces these numbers and the effects.
* Identify number of girls not in education, training or employment with the aim in tracking progression into these areas through service provision.
Interested in hearing from you all and particularly if you have any experience of being care affected and would like to position yourself in a position to empower and create change for Sister System's girls. This data collection is crucial to ensure the organisations sustainability and reach for the girls who desperately need this support service.

If you have any existing data or information you would like included in a project, please tell us what kind of data these are

What new data or information would you like to be collected in this project?

Application process
Application criteria
*Proficient with using databases, spread sheet and quantitative software
* With an interest in care affected young people and mental health
* Someone who wants to make a positive change contribution to the scale up of a small and essential charity
* Someone keen to become a part of a dynamic and inspirational team
DBS needed
Don't know
Is this project fully accessible to students with the disabilities?
Disabilities information
Building accessible, with lift services. Options for remote work.