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Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens
The Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens is an umbrella group of Friends and other organisations that support or manage the many historic squares and gardens in Bloomsbury. It aims to encourage visitors and residents to appreciate and enjoy this ‘community of squares’ by providing a central point for information and news about the gardens, and any events and activities that are taking…
Idea for research
Idea for research
There are five active ‘Friends’ groups in Bloomsbury, working in different ways and with different ambitions. But all need to engage effectively with their local communities so that volunteers come forward to drive or support a range of activities – not just seasonal gardening but year-round organising - fundraising, communications, planning, influencing. The idea is to find how to to stimulate interest and convert it into action and commitment. What are groups doing now, what is effective, is there good practice to be shared?
Impact of idea
The contribution which green spaces can make to physical and mental health is increasingly recognised. Increased use of green spaces also discourages drug dealing and other anti-social behaviour. But green spaces have to compete for resources with other local services. Friends groups which are more firmly anchored in the community would be in a stronger position to influence local decision-makers. The Friends groups want to foster a sense of ownership, and make better care of public gardens a higher priority for local government.

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