There are a range of spaces available for societies to use across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Some of these spaces can be booked by society presidents using CMISGo, whilst other spaces can be booked by the Students' Union team at UCL East. All these spaces are listed below, with information regarding booking them, along with photos. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


Find us here: Marshgate, 7 Sidings Street, Stratford, London, E20 2AE. Opening times: 7am - 9pm.

Second Floor Space

This is where the main footfall of students takes place in the building, as the second floor is home to the library, the refectory, and the Students' Union office.


The refectory offers a spacious and versatile dining area, ideal for both casual and formal gatherings. It can accommodate a large number of people, making it perfect for events or group meetings. Equipped with comfortable seating and a variety of food options, the refectory provides an inviting atmosphere for students and staff to dine, socialise, and collaborate.


There are a whole range of classrooms that can be booked by society presidents on CMISGo. When booking, you will be able to see the available spaces based on their capacity and times that they are free. All classrooms are equip with a whiteboard, a computer and a projector screen.

Lecture Theatre

The premier venue in the Marshgate building, our first-floor lecture theatre offers an expansive setting ideal for academic lectures, panel discussions, and a variety of other events, equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to enhance any presentation.

One Pool Street


The atrium serves as a central hub for students to meet, relax, and engage in casual discussions. With its high ceilings and contemporary design, the atrium is also an excellent venue for exhibitions, presentations, and social events.

Cinema Room

The cinema room offers a space perfect for film screenings, lectures, and multimedia presentations. It features comfortable seating, high-quality surround sound, and a large screen, providing an immersive viewing experience. This space is adaptable for both educational and entertainment purposes, making it a popular choice for a variety of events.


More classrooms that can be booked by society presidents on CMISGo as for classrooms in Marshgate. These are also equipped with a whiteboard, a computer and a projector screen.

London Stadium

The iconic London Stadium, home to West Ham United FC, offers a diverse range of professional spaces for booking, catering to various event needs. From corporate meetings to large-scale conferences, the stadium provides a unique backdrop with its sporting history. Please note that booking these spaces is a paid service.

Find us here: London Stadium, E20 2ST