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East London is home to some of the biggest Muslim communities in London. Areas like Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, and Stepney have the most dense Muslim populations and are home to numerous mosques, halal shops, and cultural centres.

If you're looking for more information about what Ramadan is, or how it affects your fellow peers such as sports club members, you can read our conversation with UCL Islamic Society (ISOC) here.

Here's a rundown of some key Mosques and community centres in East London.

East London Mosque

Find them here: 82-92 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JQE. Opening times: Monday - Sunday 11am - 9:30pm

  • Located in Whitechapel, it's one of the largest mosques in Europe.
  • During Ramadan, it hosts nightly Taraweeh prayers, Quran recitations, and lectures.
  • The mosque also organizes community Iftaars (breaking of fast) and provides charity programs to support those in need during the month of Ramadan.
  • https://www.eastlondonmosque.org.uk/
East London Mosque

London Muslim Centre

Find them here: 46 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JX. Opening times: Monday - Friday 9am - 10pm, Saturday - Sunday 9:30am - 10pm

  • Located in Whitechapel, it's one of the largest mosques in Europe.
  • Adjacent to the East London Mosque, it serves as a community hub.
  • Offers various programs during Ramadan, including nightly prayers, Quranic study circles, and spiritual lectures.
  • Provides Iftaar meals for the community and hosts fundraising events for charitable causes.
  • https://www.londonmuslimcentre.org.uk/
London Muslim Centre

Darul Ummah Mosque

Find them here: 56 Bigland St, London E1 2NDX. Opening times: Monday - Sunday 7am - 10pm

  • Located in the heart of Tower Hamlets, it's a prominent mosque serving the local Muslim community.
  • Organizes Taraweeh prayers and Quranic recitations during Ramadan.
  • Engages in community outreach activities, including distributing Iftaar meals to the needy and organizing educational programs.
  • http://www.darulummah.org.uk/
Darul Ummah Mosque

Brick Lane Jamme Masjid (Brick Lane Mosque)

Find them here: 59 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL. Opening times: Monday - Sunday 2pm - 7pm

  • Situated in the historic Brick Lane area, it's one of the oldest mosques in London.
  • Holds special Ramadan events, including nightly prayers and spiritual talks.
  • Actively involved in community initiatives, such as hosting food drives and supporting local charities during Ramadan.
  • https://bricklanejammemasjid.org.uk/
Brick Lane Jamme Masjid (Brick Lane Mosque)

Masjid Ibrahim and Islamic Centre

Find them here: 721-723 Barking Rd, London E13 9EUL. Opening times: Monday - Sunday 24 hours

  • Located in the heart of Stratford, Masjid Ibrahim is a prominent mosque serving the local Muslim population.
  • It offers daily prayers, Friday sermons, and various educational programs for the community.
  • During Ramadan, the mosque likely hosts Taraweeh prayers and other special events to observe the holy month.
  • https://www.masjidibrahim.co.uk/
Masjid Ibrahim and Islamic Centre