UCL East Student Forum

We're really keen to hear from students about their experiences of living and studying at UCL East.

On Wednesday 8 February, we held our second UCL East Forum of the academic year. The full minutes of the Forum can be found below.

Five big successes!

It was really helpful to have feedback from our UCL East Student Officers and Hall Rep for One Pool Street about their experiences so far. They captured feedback from UCL East students and residents and as a result, two successful changes have been made:

  • The Last Drop Cafe will have four microwaves installed and available for usage between 12:00 and 14:00 during weekdays.
  • An automated system to detect issues with heating and hot water has been installed. This means that if you do experience any difficulties with your heating or hot water, this will be immediately reported to the maintenance team.
  • Students should be able to access hot water for FREE on campus but just asking at the café on the ground floor. You will need to provide your own bottle or cup.
  • We've received confirmation that students from any faculty/accommodation are welcome to study and stay at One Pool Street until 9pm on weekdays
  • Students now have dedicated spaces to enjoy their lunch on campus during the week, from 1-1.55pm (until 31st March when rooms will be updated). These are:
    • Monday/Tuesdays: Room 211, 2nd Floor
    • Wednesdays - Fridays: Slade Studio, Ground Floor

If you have any additional feedback about your experiences living and/or studying at UCL East, please contact [email protected].