Are you interested in mental health, advertising, social media or youth work? One of the above? Even more?!

Then come on down to our beautiful UCL East Campus, One Pool Street, and help Nightline with their current issue: how can they increase volunteer intake?

The Hackathon will run from 11:00 to 17:00 roughly, on Monday 19 June. Meet new people, volunteer for a good cause and problem solve to help others!

Applications close on June 8! Apply NOW!

What are Social Hackathons?

Heard of the term ‘Hackathon’ before? If not, imagine gathering a group of tech whizzes to hack a problem within a limited period of time. Our Social Hackathons are similar but we’ve put our own spin on it - they’re our problem-solving and solution-creating events that give UCL volunteers a first-hand insight into the third sector.

Volunteers are placed with a local not-for-profit organisation for one day, devising and implementing solutions to issues they currently face. In teams, the volunteers develop skills, learn about the Third Sector from its own professionals and connect with new communities across London.

As you work with a group of UCL students, it's a great chance to make new friends, as well as develop your skills and make an impact with a charity!

Read more about our previous hackathons and what students got out of them here.

November Social Hackathons 2022, students working with  Voluntary Action Camden (VAC) to develop a brief for the evaluation of the Camden Community Action Research Programme.

Social Hackathon, June 2023

If you are up to take the challenge and complete a hack, don't forget to apply before the 8th of June!

Learn more about London Nightline, more about volunteering with them and how to encourage others to volunteer with them too! If you're a social media whizz, interested in getting into volunteering, advertising, youth work... or you just want to give back to the London community- this Hackathon is for you!

March Hackathon 2023, a picture of students working with the Renewal Programme to generate a new project to help teach the local young people about fast fashion!

What is London Nightline?

London Nightline is an anonymous listening and information service run by students, for students.

You can talk to a trained volunteer about anything – big or small – in complete confidence. They won’t judge you or tell you how to run your life: they’ll simply listen to whatever’s on your mind. They are all students who have undergone extensive training and who understand that university life isn’t always plain sailing.

Their callers can talk to them in complete confidence about whatever they want, for as long as they want, and students can now get in touch with them in four different ways: by phone, email, instant messaging and Skype phone.

Reach out to us if you have any questions!