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Organising meetings or chat groups

  • Where possible, use UCL e-mail addresses when inviting people to events. This helps ensure they are who their e-mail indicates they are, and helps keep anything you might share with them (e.g. information or access) within UCL's account security.
  • For many platforms, it's important you don't add people to a group if they haven't consented to it. For example, adding a club/society member to a Whatsapp group without asking them makes their basic contact information available to other group members, including their phone number, which they may not want. Instead, send them a link via their UCL e-mail address with the details on how to sign up, so they can make the choice themselves.

Recommended software

For video meetings, all UCL students have free access through their UCL accounts to: 

Other software should be used only if you can be confident the platform uses personal data responsibly. To work this out, find the data protection or privacy policy the software uses to make sure they don't sell user data for marketing purposes, and use personal data only for the purpose of the software. If there are any uses outside of what a participant might expect, let them know of this before they join.

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