The Bloomsbury Studio is UCL's very own 50+ seat studio theatre right at the heart of Bloomsbury Campus. Each year, the Students' Union are allocated 9 weeks for clubs/societies to perform in the studio throughout the academic year, with 3 weeks in Term 1 and 6 weeks in Term 2.

Allocations for Term 1 are decided in Term 3 (May/June) of the previous academic year, and allocations for Term 2 are decided in Term 1 of the same academic year (November)

If you are interested in bidding for an allocation in the Bloomsbury Studio or just want to know more, please have a look at the Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio Bidding Guidelines 2024/25 - please note that you must bid as part of a Union affiliated club/society.  Bloomsbury Studio shows receive three days of technical rehearsal (Thurs-Sat) and three evening performance days (Mon-Weds). Please read the bidding guidelines carefully for further information.

Applications for Studio Theatre bids for Term 1 2024/25 closed on Monday 3 June 2024 at 5:00pm.

There are 3 available weeks in the The Bloomsbury Studio for Term 1 2024/25. They are:

Studio Week 1: Thursday 7 November 2024 - Wednesday 13 November 2024
Studio Week 2: Thursday 14 November 2024 - Wednesday 20 November 2024
Studio Week 3: Thursday 21 November 2024 - Wednesday 27 November 2024

Apply here

Only applications using the online form will be considered. Late or incomplete bids will not be accepted.

Any questions please contact the Arts & Media Coordinator, Daniel Edge, at [email protected] 

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